What our clients are saying…

Derek Hamilton- "This is a long overdue recommendation for one of the most talented graphic designers with whom I have worked. Rutilio is very creative, skilled in multiple programs and most importantly, he hits his deadlines. His dedication to excellence and his vision of a project have elevated many of my projects beyond what I had imagined. In short, Rutilio would be without doubt a great asset to any team! "
Lisa Ericson- Lisa EricsonCPM Services Rutilio was great to work with on my coupon book that I created from scratch. I needed a logo and look for the product, so we discussed a few ideas and he sent me 3 or 4 to review. A few changes later, I had my new logo. It was a very easy process and he took direction well. We worked together on the first 3 coupon books I published and he designed all the ads that did not come in camera-ready. He turned them all around very quickly and all of the advertisers were happy with their ads. I would recommend Rutilio to anyone looking for a new logo or needing ad design work. - Lisa Ericson - October 26, 2015



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