What our clients are saying…

Derek Hamilton- "This is a long overdue recommendation for one of the most talented graphic designers with whom I have worked. Rutilio is very creative, skilled in multiple programs and most importantly, he hits his deadlines. His dedication to excellence and his vision of a project have elevated many of my projects beyond what I had imagined. In short, Rutilio would be without doubt a great asset to any team! "
Grateful foodie- The direction and look of my website changed dramatically when I met the owner of Eye on Advertising. Not only was I seeking a new logo, but I needed a site design and direction. I expected to hire two different people. Instead, I found both experts wrapped into one. My traffic jumped immediately and remains high thanks to Eye on Advertising. What I enjoy the most are the suggestions of things I am missing. I feel like I have a team member watching my back at all times. Thank you Rutilio and Eye on Advertising. I would not be in the position today if it wasn’t for you. I’m not over exaggerating either! Caroline Moassessi



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